Halloween 2016: Here we go!

UPDATE: This will be for 2017 =/
No time enough.


My first sketches of our 2016 Halloween started!! Actually, we’ll have one big/awesome costume that my husband will be dressed and I’ll go with whatever I had time to do it LOL.

The idea it’s kind easy: A big/badass ROBOT. In fact, a ORIGINAL ROBOT. Will be our own design, not coming from anywhere besides our minds.


The name it’s still been discussed and when we got it, will be light up right in the chest. Those blue markers it’s all LED. We will be working with a lot as you can see.


Halloween 2015 Costume Building Progress

Hello! These are progress photos of our MAD MAX costumes.

As you may notice, I took more pictures of the Furiosa than Joe… We were running out of time and I forgot to do that.

Imperador Furiosa:
Immortan Joe:

Next I’ll post both of us together at Halloween.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody! This is my first blog ever!
I’m not very good with words, because, you know, I’m kind visual person. I rather draw/build something then write stuff. And this is the reason why I started this.

I would like to make this blogging thing, a space where all my other crazy experiences will be placed. Our Halloween costumes building will probably be the one most featured around here.

So let’s begin with a quick introduction about my life:

I’m from Brazil and I married to a Brazilian too: Peterson Lindo. We got Gordon – the cutest and funniest English Bulldog!

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